Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday night and Thursday morning

Wednesday evening, we celebrated Carson and Mike's birthdays at dinner with banana pudding.  We hurried off to VBS, then played with the children and decorated Carson a "happy birthday shirt".  We concluded Wednesday with a devo and the most beautiful singing you have ever heard.
This morning, Thursday, was lots of fun for the GW teens.   First, we all went to the new house to turn over the keys to the new family and to have a prayer of blessing with them.  Then, it was off to Ensenada to shop for souvenirs, eat delicious Mexican food, and see the Baja racecars.  Then, it was back to the City of Children to play with the children and get ready for VBS tonight.  We will soon eat, conduct VBS, and pack up for an early departure tomorrow morning.
The plan is to arrive in Nashville tomorrow evening, Friday, at 8:40 pm on Southwest.  This will most likely be the final post of the blog while here at the City of Children.  Thank you for sending your children here to shine the light of Jesus.  They have done their job to the fullest!


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