Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday night and Tuesday morning

Sunday evening, we conducted a VBS on the topic of complaining.  All the GW missionaries took a part in creating videos, performing in skits, leading singing and helping with the playtime after VBS. We celebrated the birthday of our adopted resident, Irvin with some strawberry shortcake and ice cream.

. Monday morning groups were involved in building the house, handing our food, digging up grass at the City of Children, or playing with the babies.  The ladies all met for morning devo with snacks and fellowship. 

You can be very proud of your children.  They are working very hard and letting their lights shine for HIM.


  1. Happy Birthday Carson. 19 today!! I love you, Dad

  2. Happy birthday to my sweet buddy Carson. It looks like you are all doing great work. Have an incredible day!